Making Computer Science Research More Accessible In India

Making Computer Science Research More Accessible In India

Making Computer Science Research More Accessible In India

Independent media including local and smaller outlets are the lifeblood of democracy … “link-tax” approach ultimately won’t work for smaller media outlets. WithGoogle News Showcase, we have committed $1 billion over the next three years to pay publishers to produce editorially curated content experiences and for limited free user access to paywalled content. Our products are built to provide relevant and useful information for everyone, ensuring that people around the world are able to find quality news. As part of this, we play a constructive role in enabling a sustainable, independent, and diverse news ecosystem. Please note that the score provided under this service is for educational purposes and may not be the score used by Wells Fargo to make credit decisions.

  • Jayanti changed that, coining the word saṁvibhakta-smr̥ti bahusaṁsādhakamu (సంవిభక్తస్మృతి బహుసంసాధకము).
  • The nature of a search engine is to index websites and provide ranked lists of results to users.
  • His Telugu paper opens the doors for millions of native speakers to access STEM research.
  • Passionate about creating educational opportunities in India, Jayanti has visited schools in several states, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Google employees with friends and relatives in the region initiated a company-wide crisis response. Google immediately launched an SOS Alert across Search and Maps which helped more than 3.8 million people gain access to critical information related to the floods. Googlers,, and a “Donate Now” button on the SOS alert raised close to $1M in funds for disaster relief.

Why The Military Hasn’t Shot Down The Chinese Balloon Flying Over The U S

His Telugu paper opens the doors for millions of native speakers to access STEM research. Almost 60,000 employees with 209 companies globally have lost their jobs in the first month of 2023. SAP said on Thursday it planned to cut 3,000 jobs, or 2.5% of its global workforce. He focused on supporting women and girls in all of their diversity, including the women who most often face the greatest and highest barriers, such as those from marginalized backgrounds, religious minorities, those with disabilities, and LGBTQI people. The GNI Transformation Lab, a more comprehensive program for 20 local small and mid-sized Indian news organizations to help them succeed online. “Google News Showcase is an excellent initiative by Google that lets publishers curate and surface factual and credible news content. It will enable serious publishers and news-seeking audiences to connect and engage in a meaningful way, taking a step closer towards sustainable growth models,” says Bharat Gupta, CEO of Jagran New Media, one of India’s largest media conglomerates.

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Donald Trump Jr. decided not to let reality stop him from offering an impractical solution to that Chinese balloon currently flying over the skies of Montana. Chinese officials claim the balloon is just for research and not spying, but its presence has some people, such as Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), worried that it is actually carrying bioweapons. After the Pentagon decided against shooting down the balloon out of concerns of hurting people on the ground, Trump took to Twitter to suggest a plan that may not have been even slightly feasible as anything but red meat for his base. The U.S. Department of Justice files its second antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Response To Chatgpt $20 Plan: Take My Money!

And Indian publishers including The Hindu, Bloomberg Quint and Chambal Media have benefited from GNI programs like the GNI Innovation Challenges, YouTube Innovation funding and the GNI Subscriptions Labs. First, we’re stepping up our work to strengthen digital skills in newsrooms and journalism schools across India. Over the next three years, with increased support from the News Lab, we’ll train 50,000 journalists and journalism students. We’ll focus on digital tools to aid verification and combat misinformation online, and we’ll expand our programs to connect Indian journalists and fact-checkers. “We are delighted to be a launch partner for Google News Showcase in India.

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He focused on supporting women and girls in all of their diversity. “At the alliance’s launch, Google India committed to mentoring 1 million Indian women entrepreneurs; we’re working with other partners to increase that number. That would have a remarkable impact,” he said. The job losses affect teams across the company including recruiting and some corporate functions, as well as some engineering and products teams. An eight-month pregnant Google employee, about to go on maternity leave, “could not control her shaky hands” as she found out that she is among the 12,000 employees that have been laid off by the company. Ms Wong’s first thought was “Why me? Why now?” She said that she had received a good performance review and the news was hard to digest. Expressing his concerns at the mass layoffs across several tech firms, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday asked the centre to assess the situation in the country and take right steps.


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